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As you read this message we are preparing our 13th annual Jewish Art Calendar, for this coming Jewish New Year in September 2023.

We are offering you a special opportunity of dedicating a day in the calendar in honour of a loved one, or for a special occasion. Now you can show your appreciation and share your special day, while helping us raise much needed funds for the ongoing programs of the Chabad of Kirkland. 

Each date in the calendar includes ample space for you to honour your special family member or event. The cost to celebrate each event is only $20, and you will even receive a tax receipt for your donation. We are able to take payment by Check, cash or credit card.  Reserve your dates now.

This beautiful sought after full colour calendar will be hand delivered to thousands of families and businesses on the West Island. It includes information about Jewish Holidays, Shabbat and Holiday Candle Lighting Times, and interesting Jewish Facts.

We would really appreciate your support in producing this year’s calendar.   Please click on the link below to confirm your participation in this special opportunity, and to tell us which dates and events you would like to celebrate.

As always we are grateful for all that you do throughout the year to help us strengthen our Jewish community.

May G‑d bless you and your family with blessings of Happiness and Joy and the Health to enjoy it. 

Rabbi Shmuel & Chana Cohen  
on behalf of the calendar committee

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