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1-2-3 Dessert Pie

1-2-3 Dessert Pie


This recipe is delicious but definitely not healthy. I only use this if I have no time to prepare something more healthy. But did I say it is delish?!?! 

1-2-3 Dessert Pie

1 Graham cracker pie
275 g black & white sandwich cookies 
425 ml whip cream

Place cookies in ziploc bag and roll over with rolling pin  -- children love this part so if you have little fingers itching to get involved, give them this part to do!!! (just give them some extra, in case some find their way into the mouth!
Put "smashed: cookies in the pie crust until it is full
Pour unwhipped cream onto cookie pieces
Remove from freezer, half an hour before serving so its soft enough to cut.


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