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String Bean Stir Fry

String Bean Stir Fry


The following recipe is delicious when made sauteed but can be made in the oven, if you are watching the amount of oil you use. Simply throw all ingredients in a  pan with a bit of olive oil and water and bake.
You can replace any of the veggies with others, mushrooms, more onion, less peppers etc. depending on your taste.

String Bean Stir Fry
2 1bs green beens, washed and trimmed 
1/2 each of yellow, red and orange pepper, sliced in long strips 
1 carrot sliced in thin strips 
1 purple onion, sliced in rings 
1/2 head of garlic, crushed 
salt to taste 
black pepper to taste 

Heat oil in a large wok or pot 
Saute' onions for a minute 
Add peppers ann carrots for 1/2 a minute and continue stirring 
Add green beens and stir for 5 more minutes 
Add garlic, salt and pepper to taste and stir a few more minutes over high heat.
Best served while still warm!

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