This was served at our ITalian dairy dinner as one of the desserts. It is delicious, beware you may not want to be hungry while preparing this one.

Mocha brownie trifle
Any brownie recipe baked
1 nutri whip (approx 4 cups whipped), whipped
1 instant vanilla pudding
1 3/4 cup milk
coffee diluted in 1/2 cup hot water
Crunchy chocolate bar, cut into small chunks

Cut brownie into small bite size pieces.
Whip the whip cream
In a separate bowl, mix the pudding with the milk
Combine the whipped cream together with the pudding
Mix in the coffee
LAYER: line the bottom of a clear bowl with brownie bites
Pour the whip cream mixture on top.
Put another layer of brownies, followed by the cream, etc. until your stock is finished.
This can be made in  advance.
Sprinkle the chocolate pieces before serving.

Note: The milk can be replaced with rice dream for lactose intolerant
Note: This doesnt need to be perfect to be delicious.